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Sue Gorman

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Sue Gorman
Sue Gorman (right) receiving the 2002 Martha B. Taft Award with Mary Kay Gardner and Burton Roehr
The following article was originally published in the November 2012 Voter.

By Nancy Forbriger, long-time office volunteer

This is the time we hoped would never come. Some members may already know that our longtime office Secretary, Sue Gorman has decided to retire from her position with our League.

Sue has served as our only continuing paid employee for 17 years. During that time we have been the beneficiary of her office skills and dedication that went far beyond her job description. Sue went the extra mile to have things ready for mailing and publication deadlines, taking in memberships, contributions and dues. She was a master at the Apple computer, in storing and referencing data, designing a flier or our newsletter, and finding extra information from the state or national Leagues to pass on. She helped start up our website and kept us up with technology changes.

It would take many paragraphs to recall all the thoughtful ways she kept the wheels running smoothly: keeping supplies on hand, pencils sharpened and energy renewing food and drinks available were part of our perks. In her spare moments, she also organized our publication library in the board room and kept track of our historical records. Sue was a very dedicated staff member.

In addition to her official duties, Sue was involved as an important active member along the way as Treasurer, Board Secretary, Voter editor, budget committee member and Trustee of our Education Fund.

In 2002, Sue was the recipient of our Martha B. Taft Service Award. "How lucky we are," read the presentation introduction. "We can't think of anything she can't handle, from the vagaries of office equipment (she can get the most recalcitrant machine to purr with cooperation), to helping file report forms with various government bodies! She has organized our office into a place that hums with efficiency. She signed on for 20 hours a week and put in 80, both on-site and from her home."

Sue was a nurse by profession. After marrying Robert Gorman, who is now a judge, she gained a mother-in-law who was one of the first members of the Cincinnati League in 1920. Sue joined in 1964.

We hope she will now enjoy relaxing time with her granddaughters, her home and bridge club. We are happy that she will continue as a member, volunteering in the office.

So, thank you, Sue, for your many years of dedicated work and for the immeasurable ways you were a solid resource for our League activities in the community.

You will be missed.

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LWVCA Remembers Sue Gorman

Sue Gorman worked for the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area for 17 years and was a member for 50. She passed away in 2015, but will always be remembered by the League she served for so many years. Our condolences to her family and friends.

LWVCA members remember Sue:

"Sue was a remarkable woman, who helped me tremendously when I started as an office volunteer with the League. After reading her obituary, I saw a broader perspective of Sue than what I knew. Her dedication to medicine as a nurse; a 1st Lt. in the Air Force; a volunteer, and, of course, a loving wife, mother and grandmother, told a story of what a full life she lived."
-- Bridgett Pincus

"Sue Gorman meant so much to the League of Women Voters, and the League meant so much to Sue. She was tireless in her efforts, donating time, energy, and ideas to make the League be the best it could be. She helped modernize the League office, not only getting supplies in order but even helping to paint and refurbish cabinets, desks, and files. Sue kept us all up to date on deadlines and made sure that members adhered to League guidelines. She was a good friend, and I have great memories of attending one of our national conventions in Washington, D.C. with Sue. We will all miss her and what she brought to the League."
-- Helen Rhoad

"Sue and I spent lots of time together in the office and riding to and from office. But I think my favorite memory is one day in Washington, DC. We were together at a LWV Convention and decided to go sightseeing together. I remember we saw many, many sights and government buildings. Maybe tried to see too many for one day, as we were absolutely worn out by the time we got back to the hotel! Fun day but we were both in bed early that night!"
-- Mary Kay Gardner

"My first board meeting with our League was at Sue's beautiful home in Wyoming. It was a wonderful introduction to the leadership of our great organization. I also thank Sue for encouraging me to volunteer with the state and national Leagues. Sue saw the League for what is truly is...a great force of change for our communities."
-- Melissa Currence