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Margaret Standriff

Margaret's Story

Margaret StandriffThe Martha B. Taft Service Award is the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area's highest honor, named for our first President and an early leader our organization. This award is given each year to a long-time League member who has shown leadership within the League and whose energy, skills, and talents have made a difference in the community.

Below are LWVCA Past President Burton Roehr's remarks during the 2016's award presentation.

Margaret Standriff is an outgoing and hard-working League member who has served as Treasurer of the LWVCA and the LWVCA Education Fund for three years. These are traits that she has displayed throughout her lifetime. Her friendliness was evident as early as kindergarten, as her teacher often reprimanded her because she would not stop socializing in class. Margaret, however, just thought she was being friendly!

When Margaret assumed the responsibilities of League Treasurer, she was confronted with numerous unexpected challenges. She had to establish new accounts and relationships at banks and investment firms. Margaret also established new procedures that would furnish the Board with current and informative financial information. She had to respond to the fund management directions originating with the Investment Committee. She helped our office manager install QuickBooks software and established appropriate accounts to monitor LWVCA and Ed Fund income and expenditures. Margaret worked with the Budget Committee and Board to establish annual budgets.

Margaret has been a member of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church for 15 years. In addition to her volunteer work for the League, Margaret has been Co-Treasurer and Treasurer of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian for several years. While at the Church, she met Marlene Muse, who shared with Margaret the work of the League, and Margaret jumped right in.

Margaret was the youngest of five children. Her father was a minister, which meant the family had to move around a lot in Indiana. Growing up, Margaret developed a love of Indiana basketball and is a diehard Hoosier fan to this day.

Margaret and her husband, Wib, started their life together in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. They had three children, Jimmy, Scott, and Sandee. Some years later, while living in Lima, Ohio, Margaret joined Phi Beta Psi, a service sorority which raised money for cancer research. She held a variety of positions including president, as she put her compassion for others into action through her volunteer efforts.

Margaret eventually returned to the workforce as a secretary at her kids' high school, then at General Dynamics Land Systems. Following a move to Cincinnati in the mid-1990's, she joined engineering firm Fluor Daniel as an Administrative Assistant, then moved on to a similar position in the Procter & Gamble Baby Care Department.

During these years, Wib's health was deteriorating and, after several years of decline, he passed away in 2008, right before their 48th wedding anniversary.

Fortunately, Margaret's outgoing nature and zest for life always enabled her to develop strong friendships. After Wib's death she began to travel with her P&G friends, enjoying cruises, tropical islands, and the U.S. East Coast, and to Myrtle Beach with her Lima General Dynamics friends. After retirement several years ago, Margaret has even more opportunity to travel and pursue other interests.

Although she obviously enjoys traveling, Margaret's favorite pastime is spending time with her kids and grandkids. She loves to travel to Atlanta; Naples, Florida; or just across town in Cincinnati to see them.

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