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Special Districts

State law authorizes the creation of a variety of kinds of "Special Districts" which can fulfill a specific service need of one or more local Government units. A district can be established by resolution of the local government(s) which delineates its powers and responsibilities. A special district operates under an independent Board, separate from local Government, and has its own budget and means of financing.

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)

As a political subdivision of the State, CHMA provides affordable rental housing opportunities for individuals and families throughout the county. The agency operates or administers three separate programs.
  • Asset Management units are owned and managed by CMHA.
  • Housing Assistance Payments are offered to households through a voucher program.
  • The agency operates several hundred units of affordable rental housing.

The Authority is governed by a 5-member Board which includes appointees by the City of Cincinnati and the County government and county courts. For more information, go to the Housing section of this Know Hamilton County or to the CMHA website.

Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District

The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District is a County organization, established by State law, responsible for ensuring that the County achieves State mandated goals for recycling and waste reduction. The district achieves these goals through the implementation of waste reduction programs targeted to residents, communities, businesses and schools. The district is a division of Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services. In Hamilton County, the local Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee functions as a policy board determining recycling policy for the County and leaving implementation to the District staff.
Recycling and Solid Waste website

Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (HCSWCD)

The district is a legal subdivision of the State of Ohio responsible for the conservation of natural resources within Hamilton County. There is a special emphasis on soil and water with a focus on assisting landowners in planning and applying conservation practice on the land. The district is governed by a volunteer board of 5 supervisors elected to three-year terms by the public at the district's Annual Meeting.
HCSWCD website

Hamilton County Storm Water District

The Hamilton County Storm Water District was established by the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners in response to the federally mandated Phase II storm water program and appointed the County Engineer to be the District Administrator. The Hamilton County Storm Water District Oversight Board is the executive committee responsible for recommending the policies of the Hamilton County Storm Water District. The district membership consists of 42 of the 49 jurisdictions in Hamilton County including all 12 of the townships.
Storm Water District website

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD)

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) is a publicly-operated wastewater utility that serves the wastewater removal and treatment needs of residents and businesses in Hamilton County, Ohio. The Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County, Ohio established MSD in 1968 under the Ohio Revised Code. Under a fifty year contractual arrangement, the City of Cincinnati agreed to operate and manage MSD's daily operations. The Board of County Commissioners funds and sets policy for the district's operations.
MSD website

Miami Conservancy District (MCD)

This district is a river management agency operating in the South West Ohio throughout the Great Miami Water shed to control flooding of the Great Miami River. It operates 5 dams to control flooding, monitors water quality and actively promotes recreational amenities along the river. MCD is a political subdivision of the state of Ohio operating under Ohio Revised Code. The district is governed by a Conservancy Court comprised of one common pleas court judge from each of the nine counties within the district's official boundaries. The Conservancy Court appoints the district's Board of Directors. The board establishes district policy and provides oversight to the board appointed General Manager.
MCD website

Mill Creek Valley Conservancy District (MVCD)

The district was formed in 1962 under the jurisdiction of the Hamilton County Conservancy Court to be the sponsor for the Army Corps of Engineer's flood control projects along the Mill Creek and it's tributaries. The Mill Creek Valley Conservancy District seeks responsible flood control options for the Mill Creek flood plain in Hamilton and Butler Counties, Ohio.
MVCD website

Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati

The Port Authority is a governmental entity authorized by the Ohio Revised Code. It is a public agency that collaborates with private corporations, non-profits and government agencies to encourage economic development. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors; half appointed by the City of Cincinnati and half by the County.
For more information go to the Port Authority website

Great Parks of Hamilton County

The Hamilton County Park District, newly renamed "Great Parks of Hamilton County", was created in 1930 under the Ohio Revised Code to protect local natural resources and provide outdoor recreation and education for area residents. It is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio governed by a Board of Park Commissioners. The Board is comprised of 5 members appointed by the Judge of Probate Court.
Great Parks website

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

The Public Library offers free and open access to its collections and services. The library district consists of the main library downtown and many branches county-wide. The Library is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members, four appointed by the Hamilton County Commissioners and three by the judges of the Court of Common Pleas. The Library operates under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code.
Public Library website

The Southwest Regional Transit Authority(SORTA)

SORTA is an independent political subdivision of the State of Ohio that operates Metro fixed-route bus service and Access paratransit service for people with disabilities. SORTA is governed by a 13-member board-of-trustees, 7 appointed by the City of Cincinnati and 6 appointed by Hamilton County. Hamilton County appoints 3 of its own trustees plus 1 each representing Butler, Clermont, and Warren counties.
Learn more about SORTA on the Metro website

The Transportation Improvement District (TID)

The Transportation Improvement District was formed by the Board of County Commissioners to administer and provide assistance with complex transportation projects involving multiple jurisdictions and multiple modes of transportation. The TID board is comprised of 5 voting members appointed by the county commissioners, 1 non-voting member appointed by the Ohio Speaker of the House and 1 non-voting member appointed by the President of the Ohio Senate. This board oversees the work of the appointed TID Director.
For more information go to the Environment & Infrastructure section of this Know Hamilton County. or you can contact the TID board through the Board of County Commissioners.