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Kelly Glover

Kelly's Story

Kelly GloverThis Q&A is with Kelly Glover, who became a LWVCA member through Act One in 2013. We are proud to have her as a member!

1. What has been the most meaningful activity you have been a part of with Act One?

I think the most meaningful activity with Act One thus far was the voter drive at Cincinnati State (Act One registered and updated the addresses of 55 voters at two-day voter registration drive in March 2014 at Cincinnati State). It's very important to get young people involved with the voting process, especially when many of the local issues influence their quality of life and their ability to function as capable self-reliant adults in the community.

2. Has Act One helped you gain any new skills or increase your knowledge in any way?

Act One allows me to pick up on the perspective of other community members and take that input into consideration as I formulate my own opinions, I also think that speaking on the committee and at other meetings has helped improve my confidence, especially when it comes to public speaking.

3. What draws you to the work of the League of Women Voters? Woman's City Club?

When I was first asking about volunteer opportunities, I was drawn to the League of Women Voters immediately, because of my own very strong interest in politics. Setting aside my own political affiliations for the moment, I don't care what party you're in, it's absolutely important that every member of our community have a chance to make their voice heard. We must maintain our dedication to educating voters on the issues, and stand against anyone who wants to make it more complicated for the general public to exercise their right to vote. The League is the very model of those two ideals, so I couldn't be happier than to count myself as a member of the group.

4. Let us more about yourself

I was born and raised in Cincinnati -- my Grandfather grew up in Mt. Adams in the 1920's. We have a long heritage in the local area. I went bowling at Stumps Lanes, had my first communion at St. Lawrence, went to movies at the Parkland in Sayler Park, and spent Easter Sunday climbing the steps of the Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams. I love to read and visit the Union Terminal in my spare time. I encourage everyone to support the fantastic library program we have in Cincinnati.

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