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Have you been purged?

Check Your Voter Registration!

Have you been Purged?

CINCINNATI (July 8, 2016) -- In the last few years the Ohio Secretary of State has purged thousands of registered voters from the voting rolls. In Hamilton County alone over 12,000 registered voters were removed, making them ineligible to vote in the upcoming presidential and local elections in November. The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area encourages all voters to confirm their registration status, so they are not turned away when they go to vote in November.

Voters can check their registration online on the Hamilton County Board of Elections website, The website also has simple instructions for how to update a voter's address online. If you don't have access to a computer, call the local League of Women Voters office (513-281- 8683) and a volunteer will look it up for you.

If you thought you were registered, but your name is not on the list of voters maintained by the Board of Elections, you may have been purged. In order to vote in the November election, you must submit a new voter registration form before the October deadline. But don't wait and cut it too close, register now. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Hamilton County Board of Elections website and are available at all library branches. The form must be signed and mailed in.

Registered voters most likely to have been purged from the list of eligible voters are people who have not voted in the last few years and people who have moved, even if the move was just across the street.

Check now + don't lose your right to vote!

About the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area
The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area is a nonpartisan public policy educational organization, which builds citizen participation in the democratic process. We believe in respect for individuals, the value of diversity, the empowerment of the grassroots, and the power of collective decision making for the common good.

The League of Women Voters was created out of the women's suffrage movement and was formed quickly after women gained the right to vote in 1920. While our name connects to our history, the League works to educate and empower all voters. We invite you to get involved.