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Our 2015 Life Members

Let's celebrate LWVCA's seven newest life members!

This article originally appeared in our September 2015 Voter Newsletter.

Celebrate LWVCA's seven newest life members. Life members are dedicated League members who have been a member of our organization for 50 years or more. We thank them for being their dedication to our mission!

We wanted to know -- why did they join the League of Women Voters?

"As a young mother with children, the League was a window to keeping my cognitive knowledge in place. The studies I did made me feel attached to the world of ideas."
-Doris Bergen (joined in 1955)

"I joined in the early 1960s, when my husband was in graduate school, so I could learn more about the community."
-Dot Christenson (joined in 1962)

"I didn't want to hear only about soap operas and peoples' children, as you do at some meetings. I wanted intelligent conversation! So only one year out of college, I joined up in Wisconsin."
-Mary Kay Gardner (joined in 1963)

"My grandmother was a charter member and my mother was a president. Sue was always interested in political and civic events, so she joined." -
-Quote by husband Robert Gorman about Sue Gorman, who joined in 1964

"I joined when I finished college, as a political science major. There were few outlets for women to pursue political and social action, and I think many other women felt the same. During the 1960s, I was the chair for the Avondale units, and we'd have 35 to 50 people at a meeting."
-Gerry Kraus (joined in 1956)

"I had an untraditional mother, who always said, `if I'd join anything it'd be the League of Women Voters.' When I went to my first meeting, I was hooked. I sort of have it in my DNA."
-Burton Roehr (joined 1965)

We also acknowledge Dee Stegman, who joined in 1965, for becoming a life member this year.

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